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For those who know me, I am a simple woman who prefers ponytails and free flying hair. Since my Mom is taking my husband and I on a wonderful trip, I make an effort to get my hair properly colored and blow-dried. It takes a lot for me to commit to 90 minutes of “beauty regime” and the expense. I quickly remember it is Easter Sunday and with twelve minutes till my appointment, I jog to Ralphs - a few stores over and look for a tulip plant. I recall my hair stylist telling me she likes pinks and purples and purchase a deep purple pretty tulip plant and run to be on time.

As I approach my usual chair, she says “For me?” and I say, “Yes, Happy Easter!” She hugs me like a child hugs his parent upon receiving Easter candies. We sit, talk and laugh, and at the end of my 90 minute appointment I am grateful for how nice my hair looks and feels. I have no affinity for hair so I super appreciate her skill. As I am paying I notice how tired she looks, yet so kind. I hugged her again and tell her “Everything will be okay.” Life as a single parent and full time worker isn’t easy and she is a very good person and skilled hairstylist.


Total Cost: $8.17

Total Time: 90 minutes

Total Value: Priceless. The plant and my words uplifted her spirits and made her feel appreciated.



It is nearing 10 AM and I am aware I need shorts and shirts for my Maui trip next week and head down University and Jeffrey for Kohl’s. As I am in traffic, I see the large open field and 15 or so workers bent over picking what looks like vegetables. Tears fill my eyes and I detour from my original plan to Kohl’s to the nearest store - CVS Pharmacy. I purchase water and assorted cookies and head back to bring the much needed drinks to the migrant workers.

As I approach I see there is the ending of a bike race for “The Cure” with police cars at the exit. I park behind the police vehicle and ask the two officers if I can spend five minutes dropping water off to the field workers. They say “Yes” and ask why: I say “It is hot and I really care.” They tell me to take my time and I lift the 12 water bottles and bags of cookies through the long and narrow field. I quickly realize I wish to personally hand waters out and start walking down the discarded strawberry aisle. My new brightly colored neon Nikes squish with each step and I mindfully am careful not to twist my ankle as I am ankle deep in mud and strawberries. After several trips to get more water the workers approach me to collect it so they can pass it out. I look into their tanned skin and heads wrapped in scarves or baseball caps and could see their hard work and sacrifice! Perhaps, for their families, nonetheless, does not matter to me their reason! I see their goodness and tears fill my eyes.


Total Cost: $7.99

Total Time: 25 minutes

Total Value: Immeasurable. When we are blessed to see another fellow human being in some form of duress, in this case, the hot afternoon sun glaring down on them, we must do our very best in some way to help them. My hope and prayer is that these hard working people were refreshed and revived for some time.



I had a strong intuition that something about today’s flight would be challenging. In fact, I was telling my twin brother about it, to which his response was that it would be fine. We got through LAX security very quickly, which was a relief as it was Spring break for many schools in Southern California. My Mom and Peter were in the gift shop, and I sat quietly meditating in the waiting area. I always prayed and meditated daily and said a prayer for safe travels that covered both myself and those aboard the aircraft when flying. As I scanned the room it seemed like a quiet group of families with young kids and some newlyweds.

Once we were in our assigned seats, I was aware how cramped and hot it felt. It was 82° outside, yet in the plane it felt much warmer in the mid-day sun. Fairly quickly the passengers got to their seats and most closed their windows to keep it cooler. Parents buckled their young children in and the stewardesses went over the safety instructions. Soon I could hear several people telling the stewardesses they were hot and feeing in need of water. One father said his son felt ill.

After 45 minutes of waiting on the runway the pilot explained they soon would resolve the issue which was redistributing the weight of the baggage. I immediately could feel we would be going nowhere quickly, and my Mom, who has travelled to 26 countries, agreed. The plane was extremely hot and airless. I heard the younger stewardess saying it would cool down as soon as we took off. One hour into our delay, I sure wished I were in a short sleeve T-shirt and shorts. I dressed nicely as I wanted to feel like I was embarking on an adventure, and I always wore my black yoga pants and tees. I got cold water for my Mom and husband and quickly scanned the plane.

As hot as I was, I knew I would do best helping. As I stood in the aisle a woman asked me if I could show her child how to properly latch the bathroom door. She was already antsy and in the aisle, so I said I would do so. After guiding the 6-7 year old to her Mom, I went to the rear galley. I told the head stewardess I would be of help to her and in fact in any emergency, I was in seat 28C. I saw her quickly filling cups with ice water and to speed the process up, tossing empty bottles in the corner galley. I asked her for a garbage bag and as our eyes locked, I said she could count on me. The young boy and his Dad appeared, and I recommended Sprite or Coke to ease his nausea. After over two hours on the airless plane, the pilot announced how sorry he was and we were ready for take-off after two passengers on stand-by had to depart the craft for weight restrictions.


Total Cost: 0

Total Time: 2 hours

Total Value:  Priceless. Helping ease the comfort of my fellow passengers on the plane was of great value to me and hopefully eased their discomfort.



Being in Maui with Peter as my Mom’s guests is a treat. The air is warm and balmy, everyone who walks by you says “Aloha” with a smile. Soon you begin to feel like there is a laid back vibe that far extends the resort and into the Hawaiian’s lives. My Mom is a recent widow of seven months and would come to Maui with my Stepfather Cary for fifteen years. It is not that Cary was a beach person or sun worshiper but more my Mom’s love of the land and its kind-hearted people.

On this night, my Mom made reservations to take her dear friend Greg and his family out for dinner. We were not sure if they would show up as we had all been unaware it was Easter. At 5:45 PM Greg and his boys aged 9 and 12 appeared at the restaurant. My Mom was clearly “Ohana” family and they happily and warmly embraced and began talking. Greg’s wife was with her parents for Easter. The restaurant was booming with families and had spectacular views. Greg remarked they had not been to the beach in a year. I well understand him as it was easy to get busy and become muted by your own landscape.

As I excused myself for the ladies room, I saw a husband and a wife semi-blocking the path. He sat on the cement wall with his wife in a cumbersome looking wheelchair. At first, as I glanced her way, I felt such a high level of sadness, my chest hurt. I walked past and came back a few minutes later. I knelt down and said I had worn my small wood beaded bracelet while I meditated and prayed and if it was okay I would give it to her. She said yes, and I put it on her left wrist. I told her it would hopefully bring her peace and restored health, as that was my wish for her. I quickly left and wondered how many people walked past wheelchair bound people – was it out of fear, grief or just a way of blocking out their “story” of what happened? In any case, I was grateful I had stopped and perhaps shown her kindness and caring.


Total Cost: $5

Total Time: 2 minutes

Total Value: Priceless. Seeing another person’s face brighten is a true gift to be the recipient of.